Bid NameClose Date
RFQ for Tax Credit Consultant1/9/2018 - 1:00PM
Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression System Testing, Inspection & Repair Services12/7/2017 - 11:00AM
Elevator Maintenance & Repair Services at (4) Facilities12/5/2017 - 12:00PM
Addendum No. 1 -
Emergency Generator Replacement -
Carucci Apartments
11/9/2017 - 11:00AM
Emergency Generator Replacement -
Carucci Apartments
11/9/2017 - 11:00AM
Addendum No. 1 - High Quality Standards Inspection (HQS)
11/9/2017 - 1:00PM
High Quality Standards Inspection (HQS) Services11/9/2017 - 1:00PM
RFQ for Risk Management Services and Insurance Broker of Record11/3/2017 - 11:00AM
Request for Qualifications for Professional Services11/2/2017 - 11:00AM
RFP for Vocational Coordinator Services for BCHHH10/27/2017 - 11:00AM
Services for Bergen County Housing, Health, and Human Services Center
10/26/2017 - 11:00 AM
Scavenger and/or Garbage Removal Services at Five Locations8/31/2017 - 11:00 AM
Asphalt Concrete and Curbing Repairs Installation - As Needed7/11/2017 - 11:00 AM
Electrical Maintenance Service & Repair – As Needed7/6/2017 - 11:00 AM
Elevator Maintenance, Service & Repairs @ Four Locations6/30/2017 - 11:45 AM
Elevator Maintenance, Service & Repairs @ Two Locations6/30/2017 - 11:45 AM
Routine Plumbing Maintenance & Repair Services6/29/2017 - 11:00 AM
Invitation to Bid for Building Envelope Rehabilitation at Various Buildings6/8/2017
DeSimone Court Town Homes Roof Replacement - Ramsey5/2/2017
Invitation to Bid for Interior & Exterior Luminaire Retrofits & Conversions at Various Bldgs. 3/31/2017
Bid for HVAC Routine Maintenance & Repairs Services on an as needed basis3/16/2017
Painting Re-Bid3/9/2017
HVAC Replacement of Condensing Units, Air Handlers and Electric Duct Heater at (3) Locations3/2/2017
Painting Bid Addendum No.12/8/2017
Elevator Maintenance River Vale + Franklin Villa - Addendum1/13/2017
Elevator Maintenance River Vale + Franklin Villa - Addendum1/13/2017
Re-Bid for Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping Services 2017-20181/10/2017
Re-Bid for Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping Services 2017-20181/10/17
Elevator Maintenance River Vale + Franklin Villa1/5/2017
RFQ for Construction Management Services1/5/2017
Elevator Maintenance River Vale + Franklin Villa1/5/2017
Towing & Storage Services12/22/2016
David F. Roche Apts. Emergency Generator Replacement- Addendum No. 112/6/2016
Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping Services for 2017-2018 Seasons12/6/2016
Bid for Replacement of Emergency Generator at Dumont9/29/2016
Janitorial & Food Handler Services for BCHHH Addendum No. 19/1/2016
Janitorial Services and Food Handler Services9/1/2016
Snow Plowing 2016-20188/30/2016
Scavenger and/or Garbage Removal Services8/23/2016
Garbage Removal at northvale, Lehmann + River Vale8/23/2016
Section 8 HCV Program RFP7/29/2016
Disaster Planning Services7/13/2016
Asphalt + Crack Repairs RE-BID 20167/6/2016
Smoke Detector Project Re-Bid6/15/2016
Asphalt + Crack Repair Addendum6/14/2016
Asphalt & Crack Repairs & Concrete Sidewalk Replacement6/9/2016
Temporary Staffing Re-Bid6/8/2016
Multi-Station Apartment Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Upgrades at Various Sites5/17/2016
Open End Catalogue Pricing Services3/31/2016
Fire Suppression Alarm Addendum2/17/2016
Fire Suppression Alarm Addendum 2/11/2016
Fire Alarm Suppression Testing2/9/2016
Re-Bid for Routine Exterminating Services, Bed Bug & Other Exterminating Services2/9/2016
Window Washing 2016 Re-Bid2/5/2016
Legal Services HABC 2016-2019 adv1/21/2016
Carpet and Flooring Installation/ Repairs on an As Needed Basis1/21/2016
Legal Services HDC 2016-2019 adv1/21/2016
Annual Audit Services 2016-20181/21/2016
Apt Painting 1/15/2016
Exterminating Services 2016-20171/14/2016
RFQ for Construction Management Services1/5/2016
RFQ 2015 advertisement pool of consultants11/24/2015
MLK Elevator Maint Serv Re-Bid 11/5/2015
BCHHH Vocational Services 201510/29/2015
Laundry Serv BCHHH 10/8/2015
MLK Elevator Maint Service10/6/2015
2. Re-Bid Common Area Carpet Installation at Three (3) Locations 9/3/2015
4. RFP Accounting and Finance Advisor9/1/2015
1. RFQ for Pool of Consultants for HDC9/1/2015
3. Bid Snow Plowing and Ice Removal Services8/25/2015
HQS Inspection Services adv #28/21/2015
RAD Phase II RFP adv #28/21/2015
RFP for Technical Consulting Services for RAD Program Phase II7/24/2015
HQS Quality Standards (HQA) Inspection Services7/10/2015
Elevator Services for The Manor on Paris & Grove Gardens6/30/2015
Common Area Carpet Replacement at (3) Buildings6/29/2015
Temporary Staffing Services6/16/2015
Banking Services for Money Management Systems Addendum No. 16/12/2015
RFP for Banking Services for a Money Management System6/12/2015
Grove Gardens Garbage Removal Addendum No 1 2015 Ad6/9/2015
Electrical Services 2015 6/5/2015
Re-Bid of Carucci Apartments Roof Replacement6/5/2015
Plumbing Services 20156/5/2015
Comprehensive Classification and Salary Compensation Study 05/28/2015
Carucci Roof Replacement 2015 BID addendum No 15/7/2015
CCTV Services 2014-2015 adv4/24/2015
Carucci Apartments Roof Replacement4/24/2015
CCTV Systems Repairs & Service on an As Needed Basis4/21/2015
Legal Services HDC 20152/10/2015
Accounting Advisor Services 20152/10/2015
Legal Services HABC 201502/10/2015
Window Washing Ad 201502/03/2015
2015 Painting Services for Occupied Apartment Interiors 1/8/2015
Elevator 2015 for BGF NV HAS HTS RC Adv (2)12/4/2014
Janitorial & Food Handler Services for BCHHH12/4/2014
Elevator Service 2015 for BFG, NV, HAS HTS, Ridgecrest12/4/2014
Audit Services 201512/3/2014
Audit Services 201512/3/2014
RFP for Risk Manager & Insurance Broker11/25/2014
BCHHH Vocaltional Services 2015 Ad11/21/2014
Vocational Coordinator for BCHHH11/21/2014
Risk Mgr Insur Broker 2015 adv11/10/2014
Snow Plowing Re-Bid 2014-2015 adv (2)9/16/2014
Snow Plowing adv 2014-2015 season8/28/2014
Telephone Answering Service Adv 2014-20168/28/2014
Telephone Answering 2014 Addendum Ad8/4/2014
US Comm HD Supply Adv7/1/2014
Electrical Services ad 20146/6/2014
HVAC Maintenance 2014 adv6/6/2014
Plumbing Services ad 20146/6/2014
CCTV Services 2014-2015 Re-Bid adv5/9/2014
Project Based Voucher 2014 adv3/28/2014
Emerg Gener Repl at E Ruth Lynd adv3/13/2014
RW Boiler Repl adv2/20/2014
BID addendum- ad Ridgewood Domestic HW System Repl2/20/2014
Accounting Advisor Services ad 20142/11/2014
Window washing 2014 adv2/11/2014
Painting bid adv 20141/16/2014
Industrial & Commercial Equipment & Supplies Spec 20131/16/2014
Carpet bid 2014 ad12/20/2013
Exterminating Services Ad 201412/6/2013
Fire Alarm AD 10-2512/5/2013
Fire Suppression AD 10-2512/5/2013
Computer Software System ad11/8/2013
Advertisement BCHHH RFP11/7/2013
GPNA adv10/29/2013
MLK Garbage Services 2013 adv10/18/2013
Payroll Services adv10/11/2013
RFQ 2013 adv10/10/2013
Grove Gardens Generator 2nd Re-Bid ad9/17/2013
MLK Elevator Maint Serv ad 2013-20159/12/2013
Electrical Maint re-bid 2013 addendum No 19/10/2013
Electrical Services 2013 Re-bid ad9/10/2013
Plumbing Services 2013 Re-Bid adv (2)9/10/2013
Laundry Serv BCHHH ad 2013 (2)9/10/2013
Plumbing Maint re-bid 2013 addendum No 19/10/2013
Snow Plowing Services ad 2013.pdf8/29/2013
RAD Program RFP ad8/23/2013
MLK Garbage Bid Cancellation adv8/19/2013
Grove Gardens elevator maint service 2013 adv8/2/2013
Demo of 105 Main St addendum No 1 ad7/24/2013
Dumont Remediation Re-Bid addendum ad (2)7/24/2013
Demolition of 105 Main St ad7/24/2013
Re-Bid for Dumont Site Remediation project7/24/2013
Ridgewood Electrical Panel Replacement ad (2)7/23/2013
Grove Gardens Generator Re-Bid ad7/12/2013
Plumbing Services 2013 bid ad7/2/2013
Electrical Services 2013 bid ad (2)7/2/2013
Elevator Services PH 2013 ad6/28/2013
The Manor elevator services Re-Bid ad6/24/2013
Grove Gardens Generator ad (2)6/20/2013
Asphalt Crack Repairs 2013 BID addendum- ad (2)6/4/2013
HVAC annual preventive maint Re-Bid ad6/4/2013
Dumont Remediation bid addendum- ad6/4/2013
Asphalt Crack Repairs 2013 BID addendum No 2- ad6/4/2013
Elevator Maint Services for the Manor 2013 ad5/31/2013
Temp Agency 2013 ad5/31/2013
ASPHALT REPAIRS 2013 5/31/2013
CCTV Repairs Service 2013 ad05/10/2013
HVAC annual preventive maint ad5/8/2013
Locksmith services ad 20135/8/2013
MLK Elevator Addendum 1 adv
Addendum No. 1 for Common Area Hallway Carpet Replacement (3) Locations
Boiling Springs Facade Repairs Addendum #1
Cancellation of Receipt of Bids for Interior & Exterior Luminaire Retrofits & Conversions
Cancellation of Bid for Common Area Hallway Carpet at (3) Locations
Addendum to Multi Station Apartment Smoke and Cabron Monoxide Alarms Specifications
Withdrawal of Bid Request for Exterminating and Bed Bug Services
Temporary Staffing Addendum
Apt Painting Addendum No 1 2016
Legal Service Award Ad