Bid NameClose Date
Invitation to Bid for Building Envelope Rehabilitation at Various Buildings6/8/2017
DeSimone Court Town Homes Roof Replacement - Ramsey5/2/2017
Invitation to Bid for Interior & Exterior Luminaire Retrofits & Conversions at Various Bldgs. 3/31/2017
Bid for HVAC Routine Maintenance & Repairs Services on an as needed basis3/16/2017
Painting Re-Bid3/9/2017
HVAC Replacement of Condensing Units, Air Handlers and Electric Duct Heater at (3) Locations3/2/2017
Painting Bid Addendum No.12/8/2017
Elevator Maintenance River Vale + Franklin Villa - Addendum1/13/2017
Elevator Maintenance River Vale + Franklin Villa - Addendum1/13/2017
Re-Bid for Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping Services 2017-20181/10/2017
Re-Bid for Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping Services 2017-20181/10/17
Elevator Maintenance River Vale + Franklin Villa1/5/2017
RFQ for Construction Management Services1/5/2017
Elevator Maintenance River Vale + Franklin Villa1/5/17
Towing & Storage Services12/22/2016
Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping Services for 2017-2018 Seasons12/6/2016
David F. Roche Apts. Emergency Generator Replacement- Addendum No. 112/6/2016
Bid for Replacement of Emergency Generator at Dumont9/29/2016
Janitorial Services and Food Handler Services9/1/2016
Janitorial & Food Handler Services for BCHHH Addendum No. 19/1/2016
Snow Plowing 2016-20188/30/2016
Garbage Removal at northvale, Lehmann + River Vale8/23/2016
Scavenger and/or Garbage Removal Services8/23/2016
Section 8 HCV Program RFP7/29/2016
Disaster Planning Services7/13/2016
Asphalt + Crack Repairs RE-BID 20167/6/2016
Smoke Detector Project Re-Bid6/15/2016
Asphalt + Crack Repair Addendum6/14/2016
Asphalt & Crack Repairs & Concrete Sidewalk Replacement6/9/2016
Temporary Staffing Re-Bid6/8/2016
Multi-Station Apartment Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Upgrades at Various Sites5/17/2016
Open End Catalogue Pricing Services3/31/2016
Fire Suppression Alarm Addendum2/17/2016
Fire Suppression Alarm Addendum 2/11/2016
Fire Alarm Suppression Testing2/9/2016
Re-Bid for Routine Exterminating Services, Bed Bug & Other Exterminating Services2/9/2016
Window Washing 2016 Re-Bid2/5/2016
Legal Services HDC 2016-2019 adv1/21/2016
Annual Audit Services 2016-20181/21/2016
Legal Services HABC 2016-2019 adv1/21/2016
Carpet and Flooring Installation/ Repairs on an As Needed Basis1/21/2016
Apt Painting 1/15/2016
Exterminating Services 2016-20171/14/2016
RFQ for Construction Management Services1/5/2016
RFQ 2015 advertisement pool of consultants11/24/2015
MLK Elevator Maint Serv Re-Bid 11/5/2015
BCHHH Vocational Services 201510/29/2015
Laundry Serv BCHHH 10/8/2015
MLK Elevator Maint Service10/6/2015
2. Re-Bid Common Area Carpet Installation at Three (3) Locations 9/3/2015
4. RFP Accounting and Finance Advisor9/1/2015
1. RFQ for Pool of Consultants for HDC9/1/2015
3. Bid Snow Plowing and Ice Removal Services8/25/2015
RAD Phase II RFP adv #28/21/2015
HQS Inspection Services adv #28/21/2015
RFP for Technical Consulting Services for RAD Program Phase II7/24/2015
HQS Quality Standards (HQA) Inspection Services7/10/2015
Elevator Services for The Manor on Paris & Grove Gardens6/30/2015
Common Area Carpet Replacement at (3) Buildings6/29/2015
Temporary Staffing Services6/16/2015
RFP for Banking Services for a Money Management System6/12/2015
Banking Services for Money Management Systems Addendum No. 16/12/2015
Grove Gardens Garbage Removal Addendum No 1 2015 Ad6/9/2015
Plumbing Services 20156/5/2015
Electrical Services 2015 6/5/2015
Re-Bid of Carucci Apartments Roof Replacement6/5/2015
Comprehensive Classification and Salary Compensation Study 05/28/2015
Carucci Roof Replacement 2015 BID addendum No 15/7/2015
Carucci Apartments Roof Replacement4/24/2015
CCTV Services 2014-2015 adv4/24/2015
CCTV Systems Repairs & Service on an As Needed Basis4/21/2015
Accounting Advisor Services 20152/10/2015
Legal Services HDC 20152/10/2015
Legal Services HABC 201502/10/2015
Window Washing Ad 201502/03/2015
2015 Painting Services for Occupied Apartment Interiors 1/8/2015
Elevator 2015 for BGF NV HAS HTS RC Adv (2)12/4/2014
Elevator Service 2015 for BFG, NV, HAS HTS, Ridgecrest12/4/2014
Janitorial & Food Handler Services for BCHHH12/4/2014
Audit Services 201512/3/2014
Audit Services 201512/3/2014
RFP for Risk Manager & Insurance Broker11/25/2014
Vocational Coordinator for BCHHH11/21/2014
BCHHH Vocaltional Services 2015 Ad11/21/2014
Risk Mgr Insur Broker 2015 adv11/10/2014
Snow Plowing Re-Bid 2014-2015 adv (2)9/16/2014
Snow Plowing adv 2014-2015 season8/28/2014
Telephone Answering Service Adv 2014-20168/28/2014
Telephone Answering 2014 Addendum Ad8/4/2014
US Comm HD Supply Adv7/1/2014
HVAC Maintenance 2014 adv6/6/2014
Plumbing Services ad 20146/6/2014
Electrical Services ad 20146/6/2014
CCTV Services 2014-2015 Re-Bid adv5/9/2014
Project Based Voucher 2014 adv3/28/2014
Emerg Gener Repl at E Ruth Lynd adv3/13/2014
RW Boiler Repl adv2/20/2014
BID addendum- ad Ridgewood Domestic HW System Repl2/20/2014
Window washing 2014 adv2/11/2014
Accounting Advisor Services ad 20142/11/2014
Industrial & Commercial Equipment & Supplies Spec 20131/16/2014
Painting bid adv 20141/16/2014
Carpet bid 2014 ad12/20/2013
Exterminating Services Ad 201412/6/2013
Fire Suppression AD 10-2512/5/2013
Fire Alarm AD 10-2512/5/2013
Computer Software System ad11/8/2013
Advertisement BCHHH RFP11/7/2013
GPNA adv10/29/2013
MLK Garbage Services 2013 adv10/18/2013
Payroll Services adv10/11/2013
RFQ 2013 adv10/10/2013
Grove Gardens Generator 2nd Re-Bid ad9/17/2013
MLK Elevator Maint Serv ad 2013-20159/12/2013
Plumbing Services 2013 Re-Bid adv (2)9/10/2013
Laundry Serv BCHHH ad 2013 (2)9/10/2013
Plumbing Maint re-bid 2013 addendum No 19/10/2013
Electrical Services 2013 Re-bid ad9/10/2013
Electrical Maint re-bid 2013 addendum No 19/10/2013
Snow Plowing Services ad 2013.pdf8/29/2013
RAD Program RFP ad8/23/2013
MLK Garbage Bid Cancellation adv8/19/2013
Grove Gardens elevator maint service 2013 adv8/2/2013
Re-Bid for Dumont Site Remediation project7/24/2013
Dumont Remediation Re-Bid addendum ad (2)7/24/2013
Demo of 105 Main St addendum No 1 ad7/24/2013
Demolition of 105 Main St ad7/24/2013
Ridgewood Electrical Panel Replacement ad (2)7/23/2013
Grove Gardens Generator Re-Bid ad7/12/2013
Plumbing Services 2013 bid ad7/2/2013
Electrical Services 2013 bid ad (2)7/2/2013
Elevator Services PH 2013 ad6/28/2013
The Manor elevator services Re-Bid ad6/24/2013
Grove Gardens Generator ad (2)6/20/2013
Dumont Remediation bid addendum- ad6/4/2013
Asphalt Crack Repairs 2013 BID addendum- ad (2)6/4/2013
Asphalt Crack Repairs 2013 BID addendum No 2- ad6/4/2013
HVAC annual preventive maint Re-Bid ad6/4/2013
Elevator Maint Services for the Manor 2013 ad5/31/2013
Temp Agency 2013 ad5/31/2013
ASPHALT REPAIRS 2013 5/31/2013
CCTV Repairs Service 2013 ad05/10/2013
HVAC annual preventive maint ad5/8/2013
Locksmith services ad 20135/8/2013
Cancellation of Bid for Common Area Hallway Carpet at (3) Locations
Withdrawal of Bid Request for Exterminating and Bed Bug Services
Addendum No. 1 for Common Area Hallway Carpet Replacement (3) Locations
MLK Elevator Addendum 1 adv
Temporary Staffing Addendum
Boiling Springs Facade Repairs Addendum #1
Apt Painting Addendum No 1 2016
Legal Service Award Ad
Addendum to Multi Station Apartment Smoke and Cabron Monoxide Alarms Specifications
Cancellation of Receipt of Bids for Interior & Exterior Luminaire Retrofits & Conversions