The Residences at Upper Saddle River Ribbon Cutting

The Ribbon Cutting for The Residence at Upper Saddle River took place Monday, May 5, 2023.  It was an exciting and momentous event, marking the completion of a remarkable housing development. Located at 570 Route 17 North in Upper Saddle River, this residential complex consists of 70 units that cater to specific housing needs within the community.

Developed by the Housing Development Corporation in collaboration with the Housing Authority of Bergen County, The Residences at Upper Saddle River exemplify a commitment to providing affordable and inclusive housing options. The project showcases the dedication of these organizations to address the diverse housing requirements of the community.

The ceremony brought together community leaders, government officials, and representatives from the housing organizations to celebrate this significant achievement.

Out of the 70 units, 56 have been designated for senior citizen households. This allocation recognizes the specific needs and preferences of older adults in the community, offering them a safe and comfortable living environment tailored to their requirements. These units are designed to promote independent living while providing a supportive and inclusive community for seniors.

Additionally, 18 units at The Residences are dedicated to special needs households. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that individuals with specific physical or developmental challenges have access to suitable housing that meets their unique needs. The development prioritizes accessibility, ensuring that these households can navigate and enjoy their living spaces comfortably.

Ribbon Cutting Photo Gallery

A very special THANK YOU to everyone involved in getting this project financed and developed:

Upper Saddle River Mayor and Council

Mayor Arman Fardanesh
Council Member Jonathan Ditkoff
Council Member Steve DiMartino
Council Member Sarah Drennan
Council Member Roger Masi
Council Member Joanne Florio
Council Member Richard Lyons

James Tedesco, Bergen County Executive 

Bergen County Board of Commissioners 

Senator Holly Schepisi

Costa Engineering - Engineer
FAST Construction, Inc. - General Contractor
McManimon, Scotland, Baumann, LLC, - Project Attorney
John T. Celio, Rutherford - Interior Designer
Matina and Sons, Inc., - Site Work Contractor
Monarch Housing Associates, Inc., - Development Consultant
DMR Architects, - Architect
Simplex Industries, Inc., - Modular Construction Contractor

TD Bank
Susan Taylor, Vice President Commercial Real Estate

Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
Thomas Eastman, Vice President Housing Credit Investments

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
Melanie Walter, Executive Director

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
Jose R. Gonzalez, President

Freedom Bank
Matthew Carcich, President & CEO

Community Preservation Corporation
Michael Staton, Senior Director

HDC Board of Trustees
Al Restaino, Jr., President
Diane Scriveri, Vice-President
Michael Apicella, Treasurer
Peter Caminiti, Sr.
Daniel Ortega
Joe Rutch
Harvey Sohmer