Online Application Tips

Below are some tips to better prepare you when getting ready to fill out an HABC Online Application.
You will not be required to submit documentation at time of application, however you may be asked to provide the information below.

  • Due to limited number of applications being accepted, you may be better off using your personal computer at home or arranging with a friend or relative to help you complete the on-line application. The sooner you complete an application the better position you may be in.
  • Name, address, phone, date of birth, social security number. Other questions could include citizenship status, gender, language, ethnic/racial information for statistical purposes.

  • Email for “head of household”— while is it not required to apply, if you do not have an email, it may be a good idea to set one up for yourself.  Google and Yahoo provide free email accounts. Or use the email of a trusted friend or relative, especially if any future communications regarding this application will be through email.
  • Wages (ex., income, SSI, SS, family support, etc.) –  Total wages earned and hours worked (per week/month), how often (weeks per year) and Employer’s name and address.
  • Bank Assets – Type of bank account (savings/checking/other) and name of Bank.  You will be required to provide total dollar value in each account at time of application.
  • Other assets – Stocks, bonds, savings bonds, IRA/other retirement account. Other sources of income (home, Trust, CD, Life Insurance).  You will be required to provide the dollar value in each account.

All applicants will be required to register for a WaitListCheck account when applying to one of our waiting lists.

Wait List check

Other types of questions may appear on the application, however, these are the most important.  Some applications give selection preferences to households that meet certain conditions. Make sure you answer these questions (samples below) truthfully as they may determine your placement on a wait list.

The following questions MAY appear on an application, so be prepared:

  • Will there be a change in the number of persons in your household for any reason in the future?
  • Does anyone outside your household pay for and/or assist you with any bills or expenses? If yes, please explain.
  • Contact information for people who are references or emergency contacts for you.
  • Do you have pets? Type of pet.
  • Information about your current home: Do you own or rent? How long you lived there?
  • If you are a current renter: Contact information for your current and former landlords. How long you lived at each home/address?  Be prepared too provide up to 3 years of residency.
  • Have you or a household member ever lived in subsidized housing?  If yes, please provide PHA name, address and phone number.  How long did you receive assistance from this PHA? 
  • Have you ever been evicted?  If yes, why?
  • Is any household member subject to a sex offender registration program? If yes, provide details such as which member and in what state.
  • Have you or any household member been arrested and/or convicted of a criminal activity or drug-related activity? If yes, list the crime, when, and where it was committed.